Leanne- Firecrackers -2019

“Even Lou’s mother (Tamara LeClair), a former addict who works nights mopping floors, cannot seem to shake the patriarchal notions of what constitutes masculinity.”



If you knew that chasing your dreams would test the limits of everything you were taught to believe; would you take up the pursuit anyways? 

Tammie is an average woman from a small town who has no idea that when she answers the call to audition for a rock star reality series, everything she knows and loves will be put at stake to find her voice and create a series that will reshape her concept of reality… all while learning to sing. 

The camera rolls without cutting anything out as this seemingly disempowered woman conquers devastating circumstances; and her deepest fears; to stand on her feet and be a rock star in real life.



A short based on a horrible and scary statistic in Canada, every 6 days a woman dies violently at the hands of her domestic partner.