To be… or not to be…

Tuesday, 2 January 2018

Cliche.  That is the question.

Welcome to my first post!

It’s a really chilly January Tuesday, and I’m taking step no. 1 to taking myself seriously as an actress, monitoring my performance.  This blog will keep track of my efforts to pursue a full time career in the discipline I know to be my heart’s truest calling… I’ve known since I knew I had a heart what mine wanted most.

The notion stuck finally when I was cast in my first principal role, in an independant film due out next year… did I say next year?  I mean THIS year!  Part of what I love most about working on a film is the length of time the pleasure lasts…. it’s like getting into a relationship, and the more of your best you put into it, the better it is.  I can’t wait to watch my character come to life on the big screen later this  year, and in the mean time, I’m bumping up my game.

This being my first credit, I don’t have much game to speak of, so my first step is to bolster my resume.  I’m equipped with an account on, a site recommended by a friend.  As I don’t yet have Union status or representation, I need to find the projects that are accepting submissions from Non Union members… there aren’t that many, but there are some!  Today I found two student films I will submit to, and hopefully ad some meaty material to my reel!

In addition to seeking out as much work as I can, I’ve enrolled in a 10 week workshop where I will learn more about Method acting.  I’ve never had any formal acting training (how does someone land a speaking role without it?) but I have understood “method” since I first read the word in Marylin Monroe‘s biography.

“Why did it mean so much to me?… Strasberg makes me feel badly [that I was acting out of “fear”]… You must start to do things out of strength… by not looking for strength, but only looking and seeking technical ways and means”

Method, simply put, is when an actor pulls from his own experience to bring life to a character.  It reminds me of the golden rule of writing, “write about what you know”; I guess in this instance it would be “feel what you’ve felt”.

Back to my earlier question, how does one land a speaking role without training, the answer is both simple and complicated.  A few things have to happen before  you decide you’re an actor, and one of them is to be in touch with  your emotions.  Another would be, get comfortable with them, because you’re going to have to have them over and over and over again, to varying degrees of intensity, on command, in front of an audience.  Once you’ve mastered this act, then  you have to decide which of those emotions to bestow upon your character… but that’s not just your job, it’s your director’s.  Last thing I really know about being an actor… learn to take direction… and notes.

Welcome to my notes.

I hope you glean some inspiration and learning from them along your journey, wherever  you are travelling.

P.S.  I will be missing my first acting workshop… but for VERY GOOD REASON!  I’ll be attending the Schitt’s Creek Season IV premiere next Tuesday with the Roses!  I will be taking the opportunity to interpret one of my favorite characters, MOIRA ROSE!  (Will I get to interact with the original?  Check back next week and find out!)

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